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As we move through the 21st century, what is the role of the classical music industry?

This podcast series hosted by Victoria will document a series of conversations about the nuances of the contemporary classical music industry, tackling and unpacking issues ranging from the complexities of diversity, gender imbalance, music education, economic models of industry models in relationship with audience experiences, and the  profound significance of representation.

The podcast schedule will be made available below, as well as their respective transcripts.  

SEASON ONE (2020-2021)

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EPISODE 1:  Female Experiences and Narratives with Felicity Wilcox (August 10th)

EPISODE 2:  The Waves: Audience and Programming Media with Stephen Adams  (August 17th)

EPISODE 3:  Sonic, Spatial and Social: Inverting the Orchestra with Julian Day (August 26th)

EPISODE 4:  Listening to First Nations Stories with Brenda Gifford (August 31st)

EPISODE 5:  Strategising Institutional Music with Carl Vine AO (September 7th)

EPISODE 6: Thinking Critically: The Performance of Story-telling with Lolita Emmanuel (September 14th)

EPISODE 7:  Referenced Whinging with James Nguyen (September 28th)

EPISODE 8:  Acousmatics and the Contemporary with Alexis Weaver (October 12th)

EPISODE 9: The Stats with Ciaran Frame (October 26th)

EPISODE 10: The Asian-Australian Intersection with Kezia Yap (November 9th)

EPISODE 11:  Agents and Agency with Megan Steller (December 1st)

EPISODE 12: Centering Australian Music with John Davis (December 14th)

EPISODE 13:  Performing the 'isms' with Mary Osborn (January 11th)

EPISODE 14 - SEASON FINALE:  The Music Critic with Harriet Cunningham (January 25th)