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2023 - 

Ongoing Bio-sculpture, Projection and Sound Series


La Grotte: Listening Garden I is the first of Pham’s new series of living installations. Across
the month of July, the work
combines decaying or dead objects with the living, and the real
with the digital, showcasing an imaginative world that interplays between artefact and life.
Inside this little world, plants are thriving, emerging from a piece of driftwood and out of
mycelium/fungal vessels sculpted and grown by the artist. Amongst this fantasy woodland
space are small Venus figurines, inspired by the artist’s history as an
archaeologist. All of the
footage and sounds collected that comprise this work were foraged and collected by Pham
during her walks throughout the 13 th arrondisement of Paris, making this work site-specific.
This illusionary and intimate work encourages the audience to consider our connections to
place, to environment and to sound.

i - la grotte - 10-minute looping projected video and 10-minute looped sound design work.
Driftwood, 2x mycelium vessels, plants, soil, 5xclay Venus figurines, clay stones,
paper mache and woven structure with jute textiles and metal wiring

ii - soil fields - Exhibition view, A Land for the living, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery,

4 May - 23 June 2024, featuring Victoria Pham,

'Listening Gardens ii - Soil Fields', 2024, bio-installation,

clay and plaster sculptures, gold pans, 25-minute projection and soundscape.


Photography: Silversalt Photography.

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