Commissioned by the Art Gallery of New South Wales Foundation for the Lady and the Unicorn Exhibition 2018


The Lady and the Unicorn tapestries have fascinated me for a number a years. Not in the least that the figure who dominates the work is a woman, exalted and adorned with symbols of the six senses. But perhaps that is what is the most interesting; that the Lady is still, silent and yet within that silence, her presence profoundly powerful. Seemingly contradictory to her mute and ethereal aura, I found the words of French female poet and author George Sand evocative, soft, amber and burgundy - reflective of the hues and that I associate with the tapestries. Her words (with flickers of reference to her musical partner, Frederic Chopin) and the colours of the 16th century tapestry inspired my work, À Aurore, for quartet.


Difficulty: Medium 

Length: 5 minutes and 30 seconds




Portative Organ (G1-D1)

Viola da Gamba (7 string:AD G EAD)

Tenor Viol

A Aurore - Full Score and Parts