How we reimagine the past can be framed through listening? An unexpected and rather personal piece, bronze echoes, is written for a Bronze aged, Vietnamese artefact, a Dong Son Drum. Inpsired by theories of the drum's multifunctional purpose, from heralding rain, mimicking natural sounds to warning calls for war and rituals to mark the coming of an eclipse, the piece explores the different textures of the artefact through acoustic solo percussion via transcriptions from Vietnamese Cai Luong (Traditional Opera), Tieng Trong Me Linh, and an electroacoustic track made of recorded samples from the artefact itself. The Dong Son Drum's echoes should serve as a sonic reminder that our past can be reimagined, engaged with and thus, heard in the present.


Difficulty: Medium

Length: 6 minutes



Electroacoustic track

Solo Percussion - A Dong Son Drum

Bronze Echoes: Percussion Score