Endymion was inspired by the Ancient Greek romantic legend of Endymion, a shepherd, and Selene, the goddess of the moon. As Endymion was a mortal, Selene requested Zeus to grant him eternal youth. However, to do so Endymion was granted eternal sleep where Selene visited him every night. The use of two harps not only captures the beauty of their story but increases the myth’s authenticity as the ancient Greek harp, kithara, or lyre family, were the Ancients’ instrument of choice when retelling their poetry and oral history. Endymion and Selene’s separation but everlasting love is expressed through the melancholic but serene main theme at the beginning of the piece. This abruptly transitions to the ‘Jubilation’ section influenced by Greek folk music and rhythms, and military fanfares, representing the brief moments the two spend together during the nighttime. The piece then returns to the melancholic main theme, with an amalgamation of a fanfare signifying the coming of dawn and of hope.


Difficulty: Medium 

Length: 7 minutes



2 Harps or Harp Ensemble 

Endymion and Selene: For Harps