Inspired by a series of field recordings collected from around the Newcastle Region by flautist Sarah Monk, I was motivated to create a work that played with the spatial, the acoustic and the electronic. The brief was to compose a work for blindfolded audience and surround sound in response to Pauline Oliveros’ meditations on sound and experience. Movement I: two-step, explores the sensation of walking through a space, mirrored by the choreography of the flute’s movement in the performance space and its repetitious rhythmic repetition of a handful of pitches and intervals that frame the work. In contrast, Movement II places greater emphasis on shaping a space between an atmospheric and transformative electroacoustic track of train recordings against the bass flute’s natural amplification of deeper and aspirated sounds.


Difficulty: Medium to Advanced

Length: 6 minutes and 30 seconds



Electroacoustic Track

Flute in C (doubled on Bass Flute)

Modes of Transportation Package (Score and Electro Track)

  • PDF: 9 pages

    Electronic Track: .mp3