Presenting at the AMRI 2015 Students Forum



On the 18th of November, 2015, I had the pleasure of presenting my research via the Australian Museum's Anthropology Department. My topic for research for the past 10 months has been "Chordophones of the Philippines: Can we use music to trace cultural exchange and historical interactions?" My focus was on the four chordophones, stringed-instruments, from within the Museum's collection (the image below is of a four-stringed bamboo violin known in the Philippines as a biola). By analysing linguistics, instrument construction, performance and ensemble practices and musical notation, I am able to find common links between cultures via in-depth analysis of music practices. 


For more information, my research will be published later this year via the Australian Museum's Journal and The Asian Art Society of Australia Journal.



Photography ©Stan Florek, Australian Museum



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