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Victoria Pham & James Hazel

a sonic collaborative, collective since 2014.

"Organically flowing, immersive"

Limelight Magazine (2018)


"Equally Immersive and corporeal"

Kate Tribe, ClassicON (2018)

 Sonant Bodies is a sound-art collective co-directed by  Victoria Pham and James Hazel. Together their work explores the idea of the sonorous body, and how practices of resonance can activate objects and agents, both sonically and metaphorically. Their body of work exists in the nexus between sound installation, performance and electro-acoustic practice. 

In early 2018, Sonant Bodies had their first self-titled solo exhibition at Maitland Regional Art Gallery. Sonant Bodies' work has been performed at Vivid Sydney (2016 & 2018), Back Stage Music Series Curated by Liz Jigalin & Lamorna Nightingale, Sydney Fringe Festival, 107 Projects, & Erskineville Townhall, This is Not Art Festival, Cracked Theatre Festival, the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Newcastle Writer's Festival, Tilde New Music Festival, and Spineless Wonders




Tilde New Music Festival
January 19, 2019
Tilde New Music Festival/Testing Grounds (Melbourne)
Site specific installation of Continu/um w/ V. Pham at Tilde New Music Festival

Newcastle Writer's Festival W/ Spineless Wonders

April 6th, 2019
Newcastle Writer's Festival/Newcastle
Spineless Wonders present: installation and Shuffle project, soundscape works by Sonant Bodies​


Sonant Bodies' Exhibition

Feb 9 - May 13, 2018
Maitland Regional Art Gallery

Opening Event: March 17

Concert 1: The Sound of Spaces
w/ Sarah Monk
6:30PM @ Maitland Regional Art Gallery

Concert 2: Skin/Metal/Glass/Wood
w/ Nicholas McManus & Salina Myat
3PM @ Maitland Regional Art Gallery

Composition Workshops: Found Sounds
10:30AM & 12:30PM @ Maitland Regional Art Gallery


Backstage Music AU 2018

The Sound of Spaces w/ Sarah Monk
20 min set opening for
May 25th
7PM @ Woodburn Creatives
Book tickets here

VIVID Festival 2018

The Sound of Spaces w/ Sarah Monk
June 8th
7-8PM @ Redfern 107 Infrequency Sereis
Book tickets here


TINA and Crack Theatre X Festival

The Sound of Spaces w/Sarah Monk

September 11-13.

'Notes from the Underclass'

Sydney Fringe Festival 

Awarded the Emerging Artists Award


VIVID Festival 2015

'Pendulum' at Sound Gardens, The Sydney Conservatorium of Music

IMAGES OF WORK: Victoria Pham and James Hazel


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