November 12

@ Old Divinity School Hall, St John's College


Stephanie Childress conducts new works by Victoria Pham and Katrina Toner. Pham's new work 'Temple Song' is composed for sinfonietta orchestra and electronics, inspired by the poetic works of Sasha Sugdale. The work is dedicated to all the women who have walked the stone of St John's College.


October 15

@ Potter Museum of Art, University of Melbourne


James Nguyen and Victoria Pham present 'Destruction as Conservation' as part of 2022 CARE.

"CARE brings academic expertise, lived experience and artists’ perspectives together for an engaging day of presentation and discussion. Questions of care, or lack thereof, are an urgent focus of the present moment. How do we consider individual, societal, environmental, or institutional systems of care?

Curā, Latin for care, is the etymological origin of ‘curating’ and the basis of western modes of museum practice. This is perhaps most evident in the care of collections, yet curatorial care also extends to care for our artists, participants and the broader communities implicated in creative practice. How we care for artists cuts to the heart of our societal ideals. Outside the sector, the question of adequate care goes to the heart of basic human rights, equity and freedoms — how they are valued and enacted and how that care is accessed, experienced or denied."


October 13

@ Liquid Architecture


TERRA: Memory & Soil
Co-commissioned with Centre for Projection Art, Westspace Gallery and Liquid Architecture

Join us for an afternoon and evening of experimental sounds and performances as part of Liquid Architecture's monthly program, MONO-POLY. Pham guest curates this evening with the support of Debris Facility.


September 11

@ Sydney Opera House

for ANTIDOTE Festival


a RE:SOUNDING project - James Nguyen and Victoria Pham

"You're invited to a series of workshops and performances to re-tune the way we listen. Building on their practice exploring the Vietnamese Đông Sơn drum, artists James Nguyen and Victoria Pham have gathered an interactive assembly of master performers of the Dizi flute, the erhu, the didgeridoo, classic Indian movement, and Mongolian throat singing. Teaching us all to connect with sound systems that might be unfamiliar, RE:TUNING is a generous, experimental invitation to listen beyond the Western scale and dissolve auditory biases. Featuring musicians Chloe Chung, Bukhchuluun Ganburged, Nicholas Ng, Priya Srinivasan and Norm Jurrawaa Stanley, we encourage you to bring along your instruments, voices, ears and hearts, to the songs of our ancestors.

RE:TUNING forms part of the larger RE:SOUNDING research project by James Nguyen and Victoria Pham, which works to reframe our relationship to objects and artefacts in order to produce and offer new, collective experiences and sound traditions."

Commissioned by the Sydney Opera House and Arrow Collective

Produced by Michael Do and Chip Rolley


September 3 - October 16

@ Westspace Gallery


TERRA: Memory & Soil
Victoria Pham & Joel Spring

Co-commissioned with Westspace Gallery, Centre for Projection Art and Liquid Architecture

TERRA: Memory & Soil, is an immersive installation project combining sound, biological-sculpture, architecture and projection. A collaboration between artists Victoria Pham and Joel Spring bring critical interdisciplinary positions within their respective disciplines of evolutionary biology and architecture, bringing vastly different insights into notions of the built environment, history and legacies of colonialism. The artists' seek to interrogate how we remember our past landscapes by transforming gallery spaces into immersive gardens. Their mission is to place indigenous knowledge and diasporic narratives in a central position for knowledge production, cultural exchange and story-telling.

This project is supported by Arts Council England through their Developing Your Creative Practice fund.


August 11 - September 3, 2022

@Kings Artist Run


Domesticus Venus seeks to interrogate reductive models in archaeological research. By playfully tracking the creation of similar statues from this period into their discovery in the late 1890s and thus proclamation of an object that was intended as a mere toy into the religious symbol of a society labelled as ancient and primitive, this video work challenges modes of academic knowledge-making. This project asks us to consider the question; despite “objectivity” of scientific methods, do we ultimately superimpose our subjective perception of past behaviours and past cultures?

Film and Sculpture Work by Victoria Pham (2022)

10’20’’ minutes, Single Channel video with 2-channel sound

5 clay “Venus” figurines installed with faux museum plaques

Narration by Robert Attenborough and Victoria Pham

Curated by Aaron Claringbold and Rebecca McCauley 

Supported by STRAY VOLTAGE, City of Melbourne


June 2 - August 7 2022

@Wyndham City Art Gallery


As part of the Wyndham Art Prize 2022 where Co Gai Mau Do is being exhibited as a finalist. Opening June 2 - August 7, 2022, at the Wyndham Art Gallery, Victoria. Curated by Olivia Polini. 


May 27, 2022

@Powerhouse Museum


SCREENING: 5-9pm, this Thursday 19th of May at the Powerhouse Museum as part of Sydney Writers' Festival: POWERHOUSE LATE. Curated by Joel Sting. Do head there to check out all the other amazing works, screenings and events all for free as part of the Sydney Writers Festival! 

a Drumstick is a Hammer

March 1-12

@Anna Schwartz Gallery


Expanding on the RE:SOUNDING body of work, James Nguyen and Victoria Pham present a new-commission as part of the Anna Schwartz Gallery exhibition 'Peripheral Visions.' 3-act video and sound work 'a Drumstick is Hammer,' curated by Tania Doropoulos and Lewis Gilbert Dalton. 

Peripheral Visions runs from February 1 - July 12, 2022.


December 4 - March 20, 2022

@Australian Centre for Contemporary Art


RE:SOUNDING returns as part of ACCA's spectacular exhibition 'Who's Afraid of Public Space?' You can attend and contribute to the ongoing exhibition from December 2021 to March 2022.


December 3 - 5, 2021

@Tate Britain


My photograph 'Family From of a Box' has been selected to be exhibited as part of 'Late at Tate Britain: Life Between Islands,' lovingly curated by the Tate Collective team.