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TERRA: A Collection for the Disclaimer Journal

February 4. 2023.

@ Liquid Architecture


Edited by Liang Luscombe, Disclaimer Journal presents a collection of essays in reflection of 2022 exhibition 'TERRA: Memory + Soil' by Pham and Spring. As part of the collection is a published essay by Victoria.

Filament: Speak Percussion

February 9

@ Melbourne Recital Centre


Victoria presents one of three commissioned essays as part of 'Speak Percussion's' Filament Program: A Showcase of Post-Instrumentalism. Book tickets for the performance at the Primrose Potter Salon of the Melbourne Recital Centre now.

beneath water's skin, future drowns memory 

March 1-30. 2023.

@ Seventh Gallery, Melbourne Australia


Victoria presents a new sound and sculpture work 'beneath water's skin, future drowns memory' at Seventh Gallery.

LABYRINTH: Backstage Music AU

March 4

@ Cope St, Woodburn Creatives, Redfern


Victoria co-curates a night of experimental and cutting-edge performances and music showcasing local Australian-Asian artists in collaboration with Backstage Music. This includes artists James Nguyen, Gloria Demillo, Flora Wong, Nicholas Ng and Chloe Chung.


April 29 - October 14. 2023.

@ Fairfield City Museum and Gallery


RE:SOUNDING returns in an exhibition of films and sculpture curated by Sheila Pham,.


July 6 - July 9. 2023,

@ Espace Thorigny, Le Marias, Paris, France


French fashion brand LES DUNES launches their premiere pop-up store and installation in Paris, France. As part of the installation, Victoria presents an immersive soundscape to bring audiences into the world of LES DUNES and presents to the public her first designs for mycelium ikebana vases. These mycelial objects are the first edition release from Victoria's EARTHLY FUTURES STUDIO. 


July 25 - July 29. 2023,

@ Yellow Cube Gallery, Paris, France


Join four five international artists in a group exhibition as an outcome of the European Artistic Program. Pham showcases the first of her sound-sculpture series 'Listening Gardens' combining live plants, mycelial sculptures, projection and sound design. 


w/ Speak Percussion

August 2023


For one month in 2023, Victoria will present four episodes regarding her practice as an international sound artist and composer, introducing audiences to new ways of listening and experimenting. 


presented as a finalist in the Footscray Art Prize 2023

15 July - 17 September 2023.


It is with great pleasure that Victoria's film, sound and sculpture mockumentary, DOMESTICUS VENUS,  has been selected as a finalist in the 2023 Footscray Art Prize. 


17 August - 24 August 2023.

Arts House Melbourne as part of NOW or NEVER FESTIVAL


"An immersive art intervention of sound healing, projection art, guided meditation, and collective rest led by Nap Bishop, Tricia Hersey. ‘The body is a site of liberation’ is the second tenet of the Rest is Resistance framework, and the inspiration for An Uprising of Dreams. Immersed in sound, moving image, and guided meditation, Tricia Hersey invites us into the ‘Dream Space’ stolen by grind culture’s constant need for labour. The experience proves that rest is not a luxury, but a human right and a deliberate rebuking of the oppressive structures that are snatching our humanity. The Nap Ministry is founded on justice, a politics of refusal, and deprogramming from the hustle that capitalism and white supremacy demands. An Uprising of Dreams is resistance in action, a chance to connect with the wisdom of our bodies in a place of slowness and care."

Pham operates as the collaborating artist for this large-scale immersive installations, producing 11 projections and 2.5 hours of sound design. She collaborates with Tricia Hersey, Helen Hale and the Centre for Projection Art. 


1 August - 1 October 2023


Across these months, Victoria will not be working on any artistic works and will be focusing on the conclusion of her PhD dissertation. This work will be carried out in Paris where the bulk of her research collaborations and aims are based. She will not be available for consultancy during this period.

Le Boulevard

12 September. 2023.


Parisian premiere of Pham's work for saxophone and two percussion. Performed by Mary Osborn. 


13 October - 13 December. 2023.

@ CEMENT FONDU, Sydney. Australia


Marking Pham's first solo show in Sydney, Australia, FROZEN FUNGI  presents a series of mycelium artefacts suspended in time and space. This sound and sculpture installation speculates on future materials, the temporal process of fossilisation and how we may make sound. This work is commissioned by CEMENT FONDU for their Project Space. 

A performance activation by interdisciplinary percussionist Niki Johnson will follow the exhibition on November 11. 

Le Champignon Lumineux

December 17

@ Monoblet, France


A premiere of Victoria's work for violin and cello 'le champignon lumineux.' This work will then follow further performances in Paris. 

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